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Obama’s Bipartisan Meeting With Hill Leaders Produces Little

Obama later said that he isn’t wed to any specific health care bills in the House or Senate. Instead, he said he is “open to any ideas” that promote the core goals of controlling costs, addressing insurance abuses and making insurance affordable. But he warned Republicans not to take his openness for granted.“What I won’t do ... is another year of partisan wrangling around these issues; another six or eight months or nine months' worth of hearings in every single committee in the House and Senate where there’s a lot of posturing,” Obama said.The president also dismissed McConnell’s examples of bipartisanship when the Minority Leader noted he and Obama both support offshore drilling and clean coal technology.“Well of course he likes that. That’s part of the Republican agenda for energy,” Obama said. “Bipartisanship can’t be that I agree to all the things that they believe in or want, and that they agree to none of the things I believe in or want … I’m willing to move off some of the preferences of my party in order to meet them halfway.”Obama will meet with lawmakers from both parties again on Feb. 25, when he hosts a health care summit aimed at breaking the partisan logjam on health care reform.“My hope is that this doesn’t end up being political theater ... I want a substantive discussion,” said the president. “Let’s establish some common facts. Let’s establish what the issues are, what the problems are, and let’s test out in front of the American people what ideas work and what ideas don’t.”

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