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Senate GOP Leaders Seek Ground Rules for Health Summit

But a senior Republican Senate aide threw cold water on the possibility that the GOP would boycott. Congressional Republicans, this aide said, simply want to clarify the president’s goals for the meeting and ensure that it is more than a political stunt designed strictly to put them on the defensive.“We're obviously interested in making any summit a substantive venture rather than another stage crafted PR event for the purposes of rehabilitating the president's ‘bipartisan’ image,” the senior Republican Senate aide said Tuesday. “Our interpretation is that we would like to establish an understanding prior to the event that if we're going to do another summit that it be more substantive and productive than the previous attempts.”Meanwhile, Kyl responded to Obama’s comments from Tuesday’s news conference that Republicans need to understand that bipartisanship means they must accept Democratic ideas in the final legislation. “Bipartisan can’t be that I agree to all the things that they believe in or want and they agree to none of the things that I want,” Obama told reporters.Kyl argued that Republicans were completely shut out by the Democrats during last year’s health care debate, and he said he has never viewed bipartisanship as a scenario in which only GOP ideas are included in legislation.“While I understand that Republicans can’t have it all our way, it’s also clear that the president can’t have it all his way,” Kyl said. “And that creates a dilemma, because you have two totally different approaches here.”

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