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Bringing Human Rights Home to Help People Who Need Help the Most

Lisa A. Crooms, Special to Roll Call

Third, the president must support legislation to reform and transform the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights into a nonpartisan, independent U.S. Commission on Civil and Human Rights. What was once an esteemed commission responsible for major civil rights-era reform is now little more than a hollow body that has lost its credibility as the conscience of the country. Expanding the commission’s mandate will enhance its ability to address contemporary civil and human rights matters and restore the issues to the prominence that they deserve.Finally, Obama and Congress must institute reforms at the national level to create a better system of accountability around the U.S.’s domestic and international human rights obligations, central to which is coordinating and supporting state and local efforts. As a Nobel laureate, Obama has been recognized for a body of international work that has yet to be completed. These four recommendations can serve as a backbone for the new era of engagement and responsibility that makes human rights a matter of both foreign and domestic policy. It can help to change the terrain of domestic human rights from what is to what ought to be. Lisa A. Crooms is the chairwoman of the Campaign for a New Domestic Human Rights Agenda’s steering committee and a professor at Howard University School of Law.

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