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Obama Signals Flexibility on Health Reform Bill

The president offered his strongest remarks to date on Iran amid growing criticism from Republicans and others that he has been too restrained. But he denied his statement was in response to criticism from Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), and he took a moment to remind his erstwhile opponent who won the election.

“Only I’m the president of the United States,” Obama noted, suggesting that his position forced him to look at a broader picture than critics who could carp from the sidelines. “I’ve got responsibilities ... to make sure we are not used as a tool to be exploited by other countries,” he said of the tempered approach to Iran he has used so far.

Obama also applauded Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke for his response to the economic crisis, but he declined to commit to reappointing him.

The president said a second stimulus bill was not yet needed, suggesting Congress should allow the first stimulus bill to play out further and see how the economy does.

And, a day after signing the tobacco bill into law, Obama acknowledged that he still smokes occasionally, though not every day and not in front of his children. “I would say that I am 95 percent cured, but there are times I mess up,” he said.

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