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Richard Schiff: "I'm Useless to a Convention and so is Clint Eastwood"

Back then, he said, there was an excitement. Someone would have an idea, and they would plan to meet at a coffee shop to work it through late at night. Schiff would join after he finished driving his cab for the night.

He said he was tired of saying "no" to projects simply because there is an association between his character on "The West Wing."

"This is a well-put-together show," he said. "We created a character that was different from Toby. He just looks very much like Toby."

"What's different about ["Chasing the Hill"] is that it focuses on a small Congressional race that is kind of under the radar," he explained.

The show takes a microscope to the reality every House Member and their team is faced with: running for re-election every two years. It examines the lives of the characters and the race from close range and considers the toll of politics, especially in the post-Citizens United era, on individuals and communities.

The writing is strong, as are the actors, Schiff said. Plus, the Web-based show is a way he can work with, and help out, group of artists.

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