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Thune: 2012 Decision Likely This Month

Bill Clark/Roll Call

Sen. John Thune will likely announce by the end of February whether he will seek the Republican nomination for president.
Pushed to clarify his plans to pursue the nations top elected post in 2012, the South Dakota Senator told Roll Call on Wednesday that hes close to a decision, which would likely come sometime this month.
I realize that in order to do this, if Im serious about it, Id have to get out of the gate. So were in the final stages, he said. Weve done all the diligence; you do all the analysis, you collect all the data points, and at some point it becomes a gut-level decision.
Weve given it a lot of consideration and talked to a lot of people and, I think, have been very, hopefully, methodical about it.
Should Thune pursue the presidency, the 50-year-old would be the only Senator among what is expected to be a crowded field that could include as many as four former governors. He said he has sought the counsel of Senate colleagues, particularly those who have been down the path before, but has yet to lock up any solid endorsements.
I have had some that have encouraged me, and generally the discussions Ive had I would characterize as very positive, he said. We havent put anybody to sign in blood yet. But I think there would hopefully be some solid support if we decided to move forward.
Sen. John McCain, the GOP presidential nominee in 2008, is among those who privately discussed his experience with Thune. The Arizona Republican told Roll Call this week that Thunes status as the only Senator among those openly considering a run for president could be a mixed blessing.
Theres advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is that you have the bully pulpit here, McCain said. The disadvantage is that youre here. So I think it really depends on the individual more than the circumstance. I think hed be a very strong candidate.
Sen. John Hoeven, a longtime friend and ally of Thunes, acknowledged that he has spoken to Thune generally about a presidential bid, but the North Dakota Republican said its too early to back any specific candidate.
Hed be outstanding. Hes a great candidate. There will be others that would be fantastic, too. I am very impressed with the individuals that are taking a look at it, Hoeven told Roll Call.
John is a friend of a decade or better, and I think hes a great individual, he added. But Tim Pawlenty and I worked together as governor I was governor for 10 years, and he was in there for eight. And Ive known Mitt Romney. I worked with him as governor. For all of us, these are great candidates. Its going to be fun watching them and helping them.

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