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Leahy Eyes Bipartisan Agenda, Pushes Civility

Tom Williams/Roll Call
Senate Judiciary Patrick Leahy (right) talks with William Treanor, dean of the Georgetown Law Center, before delivering remarks at the Newseum on Tuesday.

One item that Leahy didn’t mention as a priority was gun control. When asked about it, he said there will be efforts by some to pass gun control bills, “but I don’t know that much will change.”

The Judiciary chairman also issued a plea to his colleagues to help streamline the process for confirming federal judges. President George W. Bush had about twice the number of nominees approved by a Democratic Senate in his first two years as President Barack Obama, Leahy said. “You’ve got good men and women who are willing to serve. Let them do that,” he said.

The Vermont Democrat said he anticipates pushing judges through to the floor without further hearings if they already had a hearing in the 111th Congress, particularly ones who passed the committee on unanimous votes but then were blocked on the Senate floor.

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