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Maine Democrat Considering Challenging Snowe

Courtesy Emilie Sommer via Rosa Scarcelli
Rosa Scarcelli spent more than $500,000 from her own pocket to compete in Maine’s crowded Democratic primary in 2010, finishing in third place.

She will run again.

The question is whether Maine Democrat Rosa Scarcelli, a 41-year-old CEO who describes her recent gubernatorial bid as “one of the best experiences of my adult life,” will run against the state’s most popular elected official, Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe, in 2012.

Conventional wisdom suggests that the moderate Snowe will face her toughest challenge from the right. But as Maine’s fractured tea party movement struggles to rally around a primary challenger, Scarcelli has emerged as the strongest Democrat on a very short list of legitimate general election foes.

In a recent interview with Roll Call, she flatly said that she wants to run again for higher office.

“My feeling is I have a lot to offer,” Scarcelli said. “I think I would be a tremendous leader if I was ever given the opportunity to serve.”

She has been politically active in the months since her primary loss, raising money for the state Democratic Party, regularly contributing to Maine opinion pages and maintaining a blog on RosaforMaine.com. Maine Democratic leaders are convinced that Scarcelli — who is well-spoken, well-financed and well-connected to the business community — has the tools to win.

The Stanford Management chief executive spent more than $500,000 from her own pocket to compete in Maine’s crowded Democratic primary in 2010, finishing in third place, just 1 point behind the state attorney general. And she quickly dismisses questions about self-funding a future run for higher office.

“Resources wouldn’t be a factor,” she said.

It seems that the only factor is viability. Some Democrats privately say the race is unwinnable for any candidate because he or she would face a powerful three-term incumbent.

“I wouldn’t run just to run,” Scarcelli said. “I would only run if I believed in my chances to win.”

And that’s a big “if.”

Even as local tea party activists insist their top priority is “Snowe removal,” Democrats concede that the Senator enjoys tremendous support from across the political spectrum, even from Democrats. Her 56 percent approval rating, reported by Public Policy Polling just before the midterm elections, was the highest among Maine’s Congressional delegation. 

Democrats’ best chance, according to Scarcelli, will come if Snowe shifts her positions sharply to the right to fend off a primary challenge. But at this point, Scarcelli went so far as to say that she’s “proud” of her potential opponent.

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