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Democratic Earmark Reformers See Small Shift in Resistance

Nevertheless, even some Republicans are continuing to resist the idea of a ban. The Senate Republican Conference voted Tuesday in favor of a nonbinding, two-year earmark ban for its members, but only after Sen. James Inhofe (Okla.) voiced his strong objections. While he did not block a voice vote on the resolution, he has indicated he will ignore the Conferenceís earmark ban.

McCaskill acknowledged that there remains strong opposition to the idea of a ban within the Democratic Conference, and she said that even a voluntary, internal ban on the practice ó similar to one that Republicans adopted Tuesday afternoon ó would have difficulty passing.

ďI donít think we would be successful. There hasnít been a huge appetite yet on this side of the aisle to stop this process. Mark Udall was a pleasant surprise yesterday and Iím hoping for a pleasant surprise tomorrow,Ē McCaskill said.

Jessica Brady contributed to this report.

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