Ted Cruz Trolls Deadspin

Responds to requests for photos of him playing basketball

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz responded to Deadspin’s request that readers send photos of him playing basketball. (@tedcruz)

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, trolled sports site Deadspin’s request for photos of him shooting hoops, responding with a photo of a Duke University player who some say resembles Cruz.

After a Politico Magazine profile of Cruz mentioned that he has tried to mend fences with colleagues by starting a pickup basketball game, Deadspin requested readers send photos of Cruz balling.

Cruz in turn responded on Twitter with a photo of Duke University guard Grayson Allen, who some have said bears resemblance to Cruz.

In turn, Deadspin's account responded by telling Cruz to "go eat s--t," which isn't the first time the site has responded to a Republican presidential candidate in a vulgar manner.

Cruz for his part responded with a GIF.

Numerous responders to the tweets noted that Cruz "owned" Deadspin, largely it seems for being a good sport.

During the presidential campaign, Cruz was asked if he actually was Allen, who has become as much of a villain on the court for tripping other players as Cruz is among some Senate Republicans.

“I don’t have nearly enough hops to be him,” Cruz said, according to an NBC report at the time. “I will say, I wish I did — that young man can fly. The video of him winning the slam dunk competition in high school — that is crazy how he can jump. I’m proud of my six-inch vertical. The only way I see the rim is standing on a ladder.”

Roll Call invited Cruz to lace up for a game. We’ll keep you posted if he responds.

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