Steel Workers Support One of Their Own

Rep. Mike Michaud

Rep. Mike Michaud The Super PAC of the United Steel Workers is moving hundreds of thousands of dollars to strengthen the state party working to elect a former steelworker as Governor. The Super PAC of the United Steelworkers, USW Works, reported it gave $300,000 to the Maine Democratic Party during February. The union has endorsed Rep. Mike Michaud, D-Maine, to run against Gov. Paul LePage, R-Maine, in the November 2014 election. Before coming to Congress in 2003, Michaud worked as a mill worker and supervisor at the Great Northern Paper Company in East Millinocket, Maine. He is still a member of the United Steelworkers. The Super PAC reported receipts of $648,881 and disbursements of $300,000 during February, leaving $534,194 cash on hand as of February 28th. The United Steelworkers represent 850,000 men and women employed in metals, mining, pulp and paper, rubber, chemicals, glass, auto supply, and energy producing industries,, along with workers in public sector occupations.   The PAC of the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental & Reinforcing Iron Workers (IPAL) was also very active in February. The PAC reported receipts of $98,932 and disbursements of $100,580 during February, leaving $321,095 cash on hand at the end of February. The PAC gave out $95,000 to federal candidates and committees during February. The PAC gave candidates contributions ranging from $1,000 to $7,500. The recipients included those who sit on the Senate Appropriations Committee, the House Ways & Means Committee, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and the House Armed Services Committee, among others. The PAC also gave to some members who have ports and shipyards in their state or district. During the last full two-year cycle, the PAC gave out almost $2 million to federal candidates and committees. View PAC 2011-2012 financial profile. In February, the union announced support of President Obama’s plan to invest more than $300 billion over the next four years to upgrade the nation’s roads, bridges, and mass transit systems.