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CPAC Campaign Boot Camp Trains GOP to Catch Up

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. Amethyst Archer probably wasnt the targeted audience for the campaign boot camp held on the eve of the Conservative Political Action Conference, but the presenters made it clear the right needs all the help it can get in 2016 and beyond.

Senate Votes on Full DHS Funding, With House Set to Punt (Updated)

Updated 12:39 p.m. | The Senate did its best to wrap up the current years funding debate, even as the House is opting for another punt.

Activist Toques Scour Capitol Hill for Food Aid

Just under a dozen renowned hospitality professionals looked to carve up both chambers of Congress, pressing their respective lawmakers to support the realignment of outdated global assistance provisions.

House GOP Faces Another Whip Test on DHS Punt

When in doubt, punt. Thats the latest plan from House Republicans, but even trying to pass a tried-and-true congressional maneuver might be a tall order for the GOPs fractured conference.

Jim Inhofe Throws a Snowball (Video)

Sometimes you just cant resist the urge to start a snowball fight.

GOP Leadership Floats 3 More Weeks of DHS Funding (Video)

House Republican leadership plans to move forward with another stopgap spending bill for the Department of Homeland Security, in a move sure to draw additional criticism from Democrats.

Some Democrats May Skip It, but Netanyahu Speech Is Still a Hot Ticket

Dozens of House Democrats are planning to skip Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus address to Congress on March 3, and theyre hoping their absence will send a strong signal.

Fire Boehner? Mia Love Says Maybe McConnell Needs the Boot

Amid new speculation that John A. Boehners speakership somehow hangs in the balance as Republicans struggle with the Department of Homeland Security funding standoff, freshman Rep. Mia Love said maybe its Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who should be worried.

Overheard: Kirk Says Give House GOP a Straw

I think the feeling of most people is its a fight that we should have not fought. As a governing party, weve got to fund DHS and say to the House, Heres a straw so you can suck it up.'

Ex-House Candidate Will Take Top Role in Likely Clinton Campaign

Amanda Renteria, the former Capitol Hill aide who unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 2014, is poised to be named the national political director of Hillary Rodham Clintons likely presidential campaign, according to two sources with knowledge of the move.

A Kiss for Luck? DHS Funding Falls Back to Boehner

Things are getting weird in the House.

3 Republicans Defy Ted Cruz, Back Loretta Lynch (Updated)

Updated 1:36 p.m. | Its starting to look like yet another loss under the Dome for Ted Cruz.

Strong Leaving the Senate, Heading to Wisconsin for Walker

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walkers political operation has lured one of the top Republican communicators in the Senate away from the chamber.

Posers Abound at #CPAC2015

Its a good thing Buzzkill Boehner is considered too much of a squish to get his Conservative Political Action Conference on. Because theres no way the selfie-averse Ohio Republican could tolerate the vanity fair happening across the river at National Harbor.

11 Months Later, Boehner Reminds Members Again to Dress Appropriately (Video)

Eleven months to the day after Speaker John A. Boehner reminded members to wear appropriate business attire on the House floor, the Ohio Republican was singing a familiar tune Wednesday.

New Tea Party Caucus Chairman: DHS Fight Could Break the GOP

The act of listening is one of the safest, most clichd strategies in Washington. Candidates embark on public relations-friendly listening tours. Committee members nod as experts testify. Congressional leaders sit through sessions with frustrated members, rope-a-doping their partys most spirited lawmakers by responding to tirades with an open ear.

A Former Senior Senate GOP Leader Is Ready for a Comeback. Who Knew?

Hes looking a little tan, sounding rested and signaling hes ready. Hes a former senator from a big swing state who was a senior member of the congressional leadership. He was even the runner-up for his partys presidential nomination last cycle.

McConnell's Move to Avert Shutdown Cheers Vulnerable Senators Up in 2016

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is always looking ahead to the next election.

The Foggy, Imperfect, No-Good End Game on DHS Funding

If youre wondering how the fight over the Department of Homeland Security funding bill is going to end, youre not alone: Lawmakers and aides across the Capitol genuinely dont know which doesnt exactly portend well for avoiding a department shutdown.

Obama Reiterates Immigration Veto Threat in Telemundo Town Hall (Updated)

Updated 7:31 p.m. | President Barack Obamas town hall airing now on Telemundo included a vow to veto any efforts to roll back his immigration executive actions and warned of consequences for immigration agents who dont follow his new directives.




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