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Anderson: Wind Power Is Good for Economy, Environment

Harbin offered no studies or evidence to support her claims about wind energy and emissions. In fact, she couldn’t — even the studies conducted by organizations affiliated with hers have found that wind creates significant reductions in fossil fuel use and carbon emissions. 

Just two weeks ago, the Reason Foundation, which is backed by many of the same funders as Harbin’s organization, released a report showing that obtaining 10 percent of our electricity from wind reduces carbon emissions by 9 percent, 20 percent wind reduces emissions by 18 percent and 50 percent wind reduces emissions by a whopping 54 percent. 

Every utility, independent grid operator and government study that has looked at the issue has similarly found that adding wind to the grid significantly reduces harmful pollution. 

Department of Energy data conclusively shows that as states and countries add wind energy to the grid, fossil fuel use and emissions go down. 

States that have added the most wind have actually seen the efficiency of their fossil fuel power plants hold up better than states that have added the least wind. This makes sense because adding wind energy to the grid displaces the output of the most expensive, and therefore least efficient, fossil-fired power plants first. That is why wind energy is a win-win for the environment, consumers and American workers.

 John Anderson is director of siting policy for the American Wind Energy Association.

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