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Practical Pottery

Art by Samantha Henneke
The pottery pieces that will be on display at the Hill Center this weekend are functional art, made to be used and admired. While many of the potters being showcased are from the East Coast, organizers say the work will reflect styles from across the globe.

“I never really enjoyed my work when it was finished before, when it was just dipped in a glaze, and it was a brown or a blue, more traditional,” Chapman said. “I guess it sort of was a natural way to branch off and do my own work. I went with the bright colors.”

Bob Briscoe, a friend of Finnegan’s and an early inspiration for the event, called his style “crude.”

“My aesthetic starts out as intentionally functional. I haven’t been able to find a word to replace ‘crude,’” Briscoe said. “I like them to have a little funky edge. The pots are made to be used.”

Pottery continues to have a role in today’s technology-charged world because the ancient art form continues to serve a practical, as well as an aesthetic, purpose.

“Everyone feels really confident that this will be a great cultural event on the Hill,” Finnegan said.

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