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Republicans Won’t Let Libya Go

Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call File Photo
Sen. Bob Corker, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, acknowledged that the GOP’s focus on the deaths of four Americans in Bengahzi, Libya, has been heightened by the timing, as it occurred toward the end of a close presidential election.

Both Issa and Corker said Congress should focus after the elections on longterm issues surrounding American diplomacy in tumultuous parts of the world, rather than on the back-and-forth over who said what when.

Indeed, once the political nature of the dispute is resolved on Nov. 6, the focus in Congress is likely to shift.

Particularly salient to Corker are questions surrounding the expeditionary roles American diplomats have assumed in places such as Benghazi.

“When you’re operating in that kind of environment, there should be some policies and procedures that are very different than what you have when you’re operating” in more standard diplomatic posts, he said.

Emily Cadei contributed to this report.

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