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‘Binders Full of Women’ Illustrates Memes’ Power

Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images
GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” comment at Tuesday night’s debate sparked a firestorm of related memes and trends on the Internet.

While presidential and Congressional campaigns may not be as nimble as outside groups, party committees have tried to advance memes of their own by advertising on hash tags and creating destination websites such as The website, unveiled by the Democratic National Committee before Tuesday’s debate, is designed to look like a project of the official Romney campaign, but when visitors try to click a button labeled “Get the Details,” it dances across the screen ahead of the cursor.

The Republican National Committee tried to capture a similar audience with, but for the most part, conservatives have not reacted as aggressively.

Indeed, liberal groups seem to have an edge. And none quite like More than 3 million people viewed 35 Facebook posts from the liberal PAC throughout the night, according to a spokesman for the group. One of its most successful posts — a spoof of the signature line from the movie “Dirty Dancing” featuring a picture of Patrick Swayze overlaid with the words “No One Puts Baby in a Binder” — received 21,645 “likes” and 5,143 “shares.”

“It’s a big strategic investment by the AFL-CIO,” said Jeff Hauser, a spokesman for the union. “You’re going to see more and more of this thing, better and faster.” But, he added, “we were really fast on binders and Big Bird.”


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