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Kathy Hochul Proving Herself as a Retail Politician in New York

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo

At a senior center not far from the Erie Canal in the town of Lockport, Hochul gives her spiel on Medicare to a third audience Monday. "My opponent is trying to spin it that I'm the one hurting Medicare. I would never do that," she says.

Hochul gets a positive response and begins to help serve seniors their lunch.

Phyllis Frost, a chatty 83-year-old independent voter, sits eating a hot dog and red Jell-O a few minutes later. She is familiar with Hochul, having seen her on many TV commercials. "You have the TV on a lot because you get lonely around here," she explains. Frost says Medicare is the issue most important to her.

So is she going to vote for Hochul next month?

Frost picks at her hot dog with her fork. "I don't know," she says.

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