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Nancy Cassis Hopes Voters Are Ready to Write (Her In)

Shira Toeplitz/CQ Roll Call
Former state Sen. Nancy Cassis (left) is seeking the GOP nomination for Michigan’s 11th district seat, recently vacated by Rep. Thaddeus McCotter.

There have been a few write-ins elected to Congress in recent years, including Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) who was re-elected as a write-in in 2010. Before that, Democratic Rep. Charlie Wilson (Ohio) won a 2006 primary as write-in after failing to make the ballot.

But Cassis does not have Murkowski’s advantages in name identification, money and, most importantly, time. In the waning days before the primary, Republicans worried her efforts were too little, too late.

“Is it fair to say we weren’t up and running on day one? Absolutely,” Cassis said in an interview at Big Boy restaurant in Novi. “I went from zero to 100 in a little over a week. These things take a little bit of time to organize and manage your campaign well from the start.”

Above all, Republicans blame McCotter. The 11th district GOP bench is deep, and any number of candidates could have run for this seat: State Rep. Marty Knollenberg, businessman David Trott, even Ronna Romney McDaniel, the presidential candidate’s niece.  

But there’s always next time. If Cassis  cannot win, Republicans will probably mount a formidable challenger in 2014 — and his or her name will be on the ballot.

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