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Lipton-Lubet: Contraception Mandate Doesn’t Break New Ground

But the bishops and their allies aren’t satisfied. They’re back on the attack, calling on the administration and Congress to abandon the entire birth control rule, so that no woman will have the benefit of this essential coverage with no co-pay, which is what this fight has been about the whole time: rolling back access to birth control under the name of religious liberty.

True religious freedom gives everyone the right to make personal decisions, including whether to use birth control, based on our own beliefs and according to what is best for our health and our families. It fiercely protects the rights of all of us to practice our faith. It does not, however, give anyone, including the bishops, the right to impose their beliefs on others.

It is time to put the vitriol of the past several weeks behind us and start focusing on ensuring that the full promise of the new health care law becomes a reality for those who need it most.

Sarah Lipton-Lubet is a policy counsel for the Washington legislative office of the American Civil Liberties Union.

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