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Roscoe Bartlett Ready to Fight for His Seat

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

Before his election, Bartlett was a scientist and inventor, and that background seems to make him more adaptable to the technological advances of the modern campaign. But even as he embraces technology, it presents dangerous vulnerabilities.

He ran into trouble in 1993 with an off-color statement about Asian-American students, and his interviews are some of the most unfiltered among any candidate for Congress.

Staffers assume he will be tracked by opposing campaigns and parties, but they express confidence that it will not be his downfall.

As Bartlett has buckled down, he seems willing to try any strategy, new or old, to win the campaign. Even so, he remains feisty and unfiltered, and Republicans are refraining from showing public concern. His campaign staff and Washington supporters seem to have adopted a "Let Bartlett be Bartlett" strategy.

Or as he puts it, "I am who I am."

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