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Mike Lee’s PAC Goes After the GOP Establishment

Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call

For Sen. Mike Lee, cutting checks to support conservative Senate candidates wasn’t enough.

So the Utah Republican launched the Constitutional Conservatives Fund political action committee. Modeled after Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-S.C.) Senate Conservatives Fund PAC, the campaign organization hopes to provide financial, strategic and material support to candidates it endorses.

Lee’s PAC, still in its infancy, has raised little money and lacks dedicated advisers,  and the freshman Senator, elected on the strength of tea party support in the Republican wave of 2010, so far cannot match DeMint’s star power.

But Lee — himself a beneficiary of DeMint’s PAC — hopes over time to join South Carolina’s junior Senator in helping to boost the ranks of anti-establishment conservatives on Capitol Hill. DeMint has occasionally backed candidates in Republican primaries that GOP leaders opposed on electability grounds. Lee is focused almost exclusively on backing GOP primary candidates who share his views on the Constitution and limited government — another potential headache for the Republican establishment if his PAC becomes a force.

“I’m trying to pay it forward and look for people who share my vision of constitutional conservatism and help them out — particularly relative unknown challengers who are new to Washington,” Lee said Thursday in an interview. “I’m not Jim DeMint, I don’t have a huge war chest, so to speak, like he does. But I can help [candidates] monetarily to a limited degree through the PAC — but I can also help them just by helping them become more known.”

CCF has backed six Senate candidates running this year in GOP primaries — among them are two endorsements Lee publicized in Washington, D.C., during last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference. His PAC has backed Daniel Bongino in Maryland, Ted Cruz in Texas, Clark Durant in Michigan, Rep. Jeff Flake in Arizona, Sarah Steelman in Missouri and Don Stenberg in Nebraska.

But CCF does not yet appear to be in a position to offer these candidates significant financial backing or other support beyond the limited attention that comes from Lee’s personal seal of approval. The PAC raised slightly more than $26,000 while spending nearly $29,000 for the six-month period ending Dec. 31, leaving it with just more than $2,500 in cash on hand. As of yet, there are no strategists on its payroll nor are any fundraisers on retainer.

Lee, who also maintains LEE PAC as a vehicle to provide financial support to his Republican colleagues in the Senate, readily acknowledged that CCF is a work in progress. A CCF representative confirmed that the PAC is in a period of operational transition. The PAC is looking for fundraising consultants in various regions of the country and eventually hopes to hire personnel to oversee its day-to-day and political operations.

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