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Who’s Next in Line to Run Campaign Arms?

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Sen. Michael Bennet

The Minnesota lawmaker is on track to easily win a second term, boasting some of the highest approval ratings of any Senator up for re-election. She has thwarted any potential challengers in a competitive state a teachable skill for next cycle when Democrats will be playing defense.

Klobuchar is a good fundraiser, too another top qualification for the gig. Theres money in Minnesota. Its not in the same financial stratosphere as the New York donor market, but it has emerged as one of the most reliable secondary states to fundraise.

Finally, Klobuchar is a good messenger. She speaks well with reporters and on cable news television. Plus, as one of the youngest Democratic Senators, she could pave the way for the next generation of leaders.

Honorable Mentions: Claire McCaskill (Mo.), Sherrod Brown (Ohio) (if they win re-election)

National Republican Senatorial Committee

Roy Blunt (Mo.)

The Capitol Hill veteran easily won his race a contest that most viewed as competitive in the first part of the cycle. After seven terms in the House, Blunt knows exactly how this city operates and where to find the extra funds to fuel a campaign committee.

Republicans see him as a strong communicator. Hes also well-liked by his colleagues, which he proved with his recent election as Conference vice chairman.

But now that hes already in leadership, would he want this travel-heavy job? Blunt might see the NRSC as a lateral move, and he has a young family that could make his current static spot more alluring.

Blunt has been mum about this or any other future prospects. But Republicans would be lucky to have him take over the NRSC following Sen. John Cornyns (Texas) two-term reign.

Richard Burr (N.C.)

This two-term Senator is running against Cornyn for GOP Whip next year. If Cornyn is victorious, Burr could take on the NRSC job for 2014.

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