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District’s Secrets Laid Bare

Courtesy Travel Channel
“Hidden City” host Marcus Sakey chats with Paul LaRuffa — one of the first victims of the Beltway snipers — who shares what it was like to be shot five times.

“Even the people virulently against him seem to like him. These are opponents,” Sakey said. In the episode, a long line of people, from Democratic power brokers to people on the street, attest to Barry’s political acumen. “He has that natural touch with people,” attorney Max N. Berry says in the episode, arguing that he belongs in a class with Presidents Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy.

“The people in Ward 8, despite the fact that Ward 8 has not really grown under his time, they love him. It’s almost, like, ‘There’s the local boy done good,’” Sakey said.

The conflict between Barry and Congress seems to encapsulate the conflict between the city of Washington and the seat of national government that ultimately has final say over much of its affairs.

“It’s a divide that’s easily missed by tourists,” Sakey said. “I think the perception of the city is marble and monuments and maybe Georgetown.”

At least in this episode of “Hidden City,” people can count on seeing a lot more than the National Mall. 

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