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Democrats Doubt Gingrich Has Chance at Presidency

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call
Showcasing Democrats’ assurance that the party could handle the former Speaker as the GOP presidential nominee, one aide said: “If we can’t beat Newt Gingrich, I’ll become a pizza delivery man.”

"We've had a lot of fun with that site," American Bridge 21st Century President Rodell Mollineau said, adding that the group would mix up who becomes the target of the site depending on events. "Some will be critical of Newt, some of them will be critical of Romney, some of them will be critical of both."

But Mollineau acknowledged that the frontrunner is going to get more scrutiny, and Romney is still seen as the top contender. "They are all flawed candidates, and you would be able to make a stark contrast with any of them in the general election," he said.

Durbin said he had been worried that all of the attention and the debates would benefit the GOP but said the opposite has occurred.

"I was worried that the length of the Republican primary process and the debates and all the attention would eventually inure to their benefit, except exactly the opposite has occurred," Durbin said. "As they have played to more extreme positions to appeal to their base, I think they have really lost sight of independent and moderate voters."

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