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Union Square Under New Management

Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo

Ayers’ spokeswoman, Eva Malecki, said the Architect of the Capitol plans to “focus ... on making repairs to the Reflecting Pool, Grant Memorial and the surrounding area.”

“Securing the funds to do that won’t be easy,” she conceded, “but Congress would not have reacquired this property if they were not committed to restoring and maintaining it on par with the rest of the Capitol grounds.”

As for whether Ayers would take on the task of implementing the trust’s winning proposal, Malecki said, “Congressional leaders have given Mr. Ayers no direction to request, consider, support or otherwise promote proposals from the trust or any other entity to redesign Union Square’s key features or alter the property’s current uses.”

Norton agreed that appropriators will, if not give money for a full redesign of Union Square, at least endorse a budget that allows the AOC to meet the demands of its new jurisdiction, especially hosting the annual Independence Day celebration.

“Let them try to call off the Fourth of July or leave the mess there after everyone’s gone,” she said.

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