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Partying Down K Street for the Holidays

However, that compliance didn’t keep nearly 100 Occupy D.C. and union members from protesting outside the group’s headquarters as guests entered the shindig.

One source who attended the chamber’s party called the demonstrators “loud and invasive of your personal space. ... but not violent.” The attendee added that there was friction between the Occupy camp and the union protesters, with one Occupy person saying the union folks were “just copying” their movement.

Norquist’s party, just a few blocks away, did not draw protesters, this source added.

Even though the rallies didn’t seem to stop any parties, not everyone on K Street kept up their holiday traditions this month.

Quinn Gillespie & Associates founder Jack Quinn, whose firm’s Christmas party has often been considered a hot ticket, emailed friends and clients that this year’s reception was off.

“This year, we will forego the party and, instead, donate gifts to some of the men and women who serve our country in the armed forces,” he wrote. The firm donated to iPads for Soldiers, which provides tablet computers to troops serving overseas or recuperating after injuries.

Quinn encouraged his contacts to donate to the cause, but the other type of fundraising — the political kind — seemed to be headed for a late December respite.

Although some Members and political committees have scheduled fundraisers this week and even later this month, most are taking a break from the K Street money chase.

“It is definitely slowing down on the fundraising front,” lobbyist David Thomas of Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti said. “After a long year of fundraising, having events right before the holidays is a tough sell.”

But Thomas and other K Streeters don’t expect the little respite to last long.

“As soon as they’re back in January, it’ll take off again,” he predicted.

Janie Lorber contributed to this report.

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