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Rosen: Entrepreneurship Bill Key to Creating Jobs

My hope is that the Learn to Earn Act delivers a clear message to Congress that entrepreneurship education is vital to making our education system and our economy the best in the world again. Furthermore, as Congress takes up reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, entrepreneurship education must be included in Title V — the “Well-Rounded Child” section. This would really turn on the faucet for school districts to use currently available funds for entrepreneurship education.

Entrepreneurship education keeps young people in school by talking to them about something they care about — money. It reaches them in a different way and prepares them with the adaptable skills and entrepreneurial mindset needed to be successful in our rapidly changing economic landscape. And, years from now, the seeds it sows will sprout the leaders of the small, medium and large enterprises that will employ countless Americans and make the U.S. economy the strongest in the world for generations to come.

Every net new job in America during the past decade has been created by companies in existence for less than five years. Entrepreneurship education and bills such as the Learn to Earn Act are a key part of any effective long-term job-creation strategy through relevant, skill-based education.

Amy Rosen is president and CEO of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

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