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Between the Lines: State Lawmakers Ready Pennsylvania Map for Monday Target

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo
Republican Rep. Glenn Thompson will see some new territory once Pennsylvania’s new Congressional map is approved. Republicans want to split Democratic Erie County between Thompson and fellow GOP Rep. Mike Kelly.

Brewer said in a statement she will not call a special session in a Republican effort to "pursue a ballot proposal to repeal or reform" Proposition 106, the legal basis of the commission.

The idea of repealing the law altogether had been bandied about among Republicans. The Brewer statement is striking because it is the first time since the redistricting fight blew up in early October that she has backed off of any option opposing the new map.

Previously, Brewer removed the commission's chairwoman with the consent of the state's Republican-dominated Senate during a one-night special session called for that specific purpose. The Arizona Supreme Court overruled that action Nov. 17.

Both politicians and lawyers have been perplexed by what to do next. The commission and its reinstated chairwoman, Colleen Mathis, returned to work Tuesday.

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