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Shop Talk: FP1 Goes Digital

Florida political consultant Andrea Torkelson and the team at VoterBuzz have launched a new app to allow candidates and voters to more easily interact, McClatchy Newspapers reported.

The app, in which the company has invested $250,000, is available to Apple and Android smartphone users. Campaigns, committees and outside groups will pay a monthly subscription fee of $50 to $350 to inform voters about news, events and fundraising, McClatchy reported.

Smartphone users can follow as many campaigns as they want, and the app allows them to search for candidates they might want to support by type, level, geographic area and specific office.

Torkelson told McClatchy she has a database of 10,000 political candidates to contact and has already met with President Barack Obama’s campaign and the Congressional committees from both parties.

“Luckily, we know a lot of people in the political world, so we’re getting a lot of ‘love’ business from many of them,” she said.

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