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No Labels Pushes Consensus, Cooperation

According to McKinnon, No Labels boasts 180,000 members in all Congressional districts, and the organization's goal is to mobilize 500,000 people nationwide to pressure the House and Senate — through petitions and direct Member contacts — into implementing its Make Congress Work rules changes in the 113th Congress. McKinnon, who was an adviser to Democrats before signing on with Bush in the 1990s and with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in the 2008 presidential campaign, conceded the effort would be difficult but was undaunted.

"If it was easy, they would have done it already," he said.

Should No Labels experience any success in moderating Congress' agenda, expect partisan advocacy groups to respond. These organizations reject the charge that they are defending minority interests, let alone that they are responsible for any dysfunction on Capitol Hill. The liberal group Progressive Change Campaign Committee disparaged No Labels and its goal of fostering political compromise.

"No Labels apparently thinks voters would support cutting their own grandma's Social Security and Medicare benefits, raising their kids' college tuition debt and giving new tax cuts to Wall Street banks if it was labeled a grand 'compromise' by out-of-touch politicians of both parties," PCCC spokesman Adam Green said. "That's why No Labels has no real grass-roots membership or support."

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