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Aistars: Rogue Websites Stifling American Entrepreneurs

• SOPA in particular includes additional protections to ensure sites are not exposed to litigation by private parties before a consultation and dispute resolution process, and the bill includes strict penalties for frivolous claims.

• Noted constitutional scholar Floyd Abrams has described the due process protections in the bills as “strong, uniform and Constitutionally rooted,” and has described arguments that the bills would harm free expression or the operation of the Internet as “unfounded.”

• The bills leave ultimate flexibility to technologists in how best to implement any court ordered measures — limiting requirements to those that are technologically reasonable, and ensuring that neither ISPs nor search engines will be required to modify their technology in order to comply.

• Filtering technology that could be used against rogue sites is in widespread use today to protect subscribers from phishing attacks and other malicious activity, without harm to the stability of the Internet.

The Internet should be preserved as a tool of communication, connection and legal commerce, not allowed to devolve into a lawless free-for-all that stifles American entrepreneurship, transfers American income to criminals’ pockets and puts American consumers at risk. Reasonable measures to keep it lawful and safe are critical to jobs, communities and our future economy.

Sandra Aistars is executive director of the Copyright Alliance.

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