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Hill Staffers Have an In on New York Times Wedding Pages

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Will Kinzel, adviser for Speaker John Boehner, and his wife, Marcie, communications director for Sen. Scott Brown, were featured in the New York Times wedding section three years ago.

Despite its popularity, the New York Times weddings section doesn’t have the same appeal for everyone. It’s teased by many as the Sunday “mergers and acquisitions” section. It has inspired countless sarcastic commentators, such as Phyllis Nefler, who wrote a popular Gawker column that scored couples based on their accomplishments.

Nunziata, a Republican, noted that he received a few jabs from his friends.

“There’s apparently a contingent of men who read the New York Times wedding announcements just like they read the Sunday sports scores,” he said.

After seeing his announcement, some teased him for choosing a paper that doesn’t exactly reflect his Republican views.

Kinzel said he was teased by a few friends, as well, but that it wasn’t politically motivated. “We received some flak that the announcement was there generally.”

But a piece of advice to those who make fun: As Oscar Wilde wrote in “The Importance of Being Earnest” — “Never speak disrespectfully of Society ... Only people who can’t get into it do that.”

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