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McConnell’s Aid Equals Downballot Win

Bill Clark/Roll Call
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell lent his expertise to a Kentucky agriculture commissioner candidate, James Comer, who won the statewide office Tuesday night.

Guthrie said that Comer was buoyed by the fact that “the farming community and the ag community got behind Comer pretty strongly, regardless of party.”

Comer also was helped by the fact that his opponent was laughable — literally.

Farmer “makes a living doing a comedy routine in which he makes fun of rural Kentucky — and he ran for ag commissioner, which is like the office that represents rural Kentuckians!” a Kentucky GOP consultant said.

Farmer, who is not a farmer but a humorist and marketing professional, had the bad luck of finding that one of his routines was on video.

“You know how come the FBI won’t do any work down in this county? Why? Because the DNA’s all alike and there ain’t no dental records there,” Farmer said in his routine.

“The Farmer guy did himself in,” Kentucky Democratic consultant Jim Cauley said.

“I’m from the hills of eastern Kentucky and, hell,” he said dismissively, “I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t vote for that guy.”

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