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Royce’s Blog Offers Insight Into Issues

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He cant control the news cycle, but he can give his own feedback on an event.

People will take the time to read a blog posting and then have a better understanding of the challenge that we face, he said.

He said he thinks its a better outlet than the traditional opinion pieces his colleagues often submit to publications, which he also used to do. After he writes a post, his staff will send out the link. His blog has even been linked to from websites such as the Daily Caller and the Heritage Foundation.

The Response
By putting up posts on different outlets, Royce is able to get something he doesnt receive on his House site: feedback.

You Sunk My Battleship appeared on the Heritage Foundations website in May 2010. He detailed the various moves Obama should make concerning North Korea: A2. Show of force. Increase combined U.S. and South Korean naval and other military exercises in the region. Identify South Korean defense needs and fast-track weapons sales.

Diane Watson, a constituent of Royces, commented, Thank you Ed, for representing my district in Fullerton. Common sense and specifics are refreshing from a politician.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, commenter Polly Walker criticized the post.

But the use of the Battleship game tag, imagery and numbers is in truly poor taste. ... I expected better from a Republican politician who probably would not show such disrespect for his own countrys military, she wrote.

And sometimes, the blog comes up when he least expects it.

While buying a suit in his district, the man taking Royces measurements mentioned that he was keeping up with the posts and looked forward to the updates.

Several of his constituents are interested in issues such as Darfur, and theyll reference past blog posts when they discuss these issues with his staff.

Little moments like that make the work worth it, Royce said.

He likes to make sure his constituents arent the only people who know what hes writing about. He brings printed copies of his posts to meetings and gives them out to his fellow Members.

I hope theyre good-natured about it, he said. I have forced some of my postings on some of my comrades on both sides of the aisle.

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