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Speechwriter Moves From Politics to Fiction

Courtesy Ben Coes
Ben Coes’ newest novel centers on a coup in Pakistan.

No. 2: I want people to be aware of the very real threats that are out there. In the case of ďCoup díÉtat,Ē that the situation in Pakistan is not going well and itís not getting better. If you look at the situation in the past two weeks, the head of the Joint Special Operations Command over there says that Pakistan has been helping and coordinating with the Taliban.

You know, the country of Pakistan is not our friend. Iíve gotten several notes from people who are within the intelligence structure inside the U.S. I have a lot of sources, and those sources call me and tell me, ĎIím going to make everyone in my office read this.í I love hearing that. Itís not an anti-American book; itís pro-American.

I want them to be educated about different parts of the world, and I want to take them there.

Do you think you will ever go back into the field of politics?
Thatís a good question; I think there are a few really close friends of mine who are interested in running for office. I would probably be willing to help them out if it works with my family. You know, Iím really good friends with Mitt and I did not go back in and you think that would be the ideal situation. But politics is all-consuming and itís a blast and people are fun and smart and itís very addictive, and pretty soon, you know, when youíre on a campaign you are sitting there alone after working 18 hours in a row. All my kids are under the age of 12, and if I worked on a campaign, I would never see my kids and I wasnít willing to do that.

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