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Roads Less Traveled Lead to Surprising Scenery

Douglas Graham/Roll Call
A GPS software program called BaseCamp by Garmin aids users in plotting custom routes, allowing them to travel scenic back roads instead of main highways.

By taking the back roads, I passed the ruins of the Ebenezer Church near Emmitsburg, Md., and Sachs Covered Bridge in Adams County, Pa. The 100-foot, town truss bridge spanning Marsh Creek wasnít on my printed book map or in my GPS program. It is closed to vehicular traffic, so I guess it just doesnít get noted by mapping companies. I only found it because I took the time to drive the back roads.

When I compared my custom route against the main roads suggested by the GPS unit, the time difference was less than an hour. Of course, the discoveries I made along my path tempted me into pulling over and lingering, but isnít that the point?

I also determined that the back roads felt safer because they forced me to slow down ó not because it was pouring rain but because the area was so pretty and there was so much to see.

So this fall, before you head out the door for a day or weekend trip, take a moment to plot out a custom route. Then slow down and take the roads less traveled.

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