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Obama’s Allies Prepare to Again Battle for Virginia

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images
Attendees cheer as President Barack Obama speaks about his American Jobs Act on Sept. 9 at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Va. In an effort to drum up support for Obama’s re-election effort, the Democratic National Committee recently launched a TV ad backing the president’s jobs act, which is airing in four separate media markets in Virginia.

"In 2008, folks were fatigued with the war, the economy started to tank ... [and] we had a lackluster presidential campaign on the Republican side," LaCivita said. "But from that point to where we are now they say a week in politics is an eternity, well three years is infinity."

As volunteers go through call lists in living rooms across the state, the Obama campaign is figuring out who is still on board three years later. The loyal Obama followers are calling every last Virginian who told the campaign at one point they want to do more than just vote. That even includes donors who gave just $5.

In the suburban Washington home last month, the responses to volunteer calls illustrated the difficulty of re-energizing supporters more than a year from the election. Many calls for ground support went unanswered, some were met with enthusiastic support, one turned into a debate over foreign policy and one gentleman just wanted to watch his baseball game.

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