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Reid Tries to Rally Votes for Jobs Bill

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid promised to call a vote on the president’s jobs plan and asked Republicans and Democrats to help him change the bill to their liking.

ďIím not aware of any Democrat who doesnít support the provisions that go to creating jobs, reducing taxes and that sort of thing. ... If there are other ways to pay for this that are fair, that do not put burdens on the middle class unfairly or seniors ... we absolutely are willing to look at that,Ē Carney said.

Reid hasnít been eager to hold votes showing off his partyís divisions. He pulled the plug on doing a budget resolution for the second straight year for that reason.

Still, the jobs bill is different ó itís the presidentís top priority, and with Obama continuing to pressure Congress, Reid canít stall forever.

Carney, at least, is banking on that. He promised to buy beer for the press corps if the bill isnít acted on by the end of the year.

Jessica Brady contributed to this report.

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