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Hoeven: Idling U.S. Job Engine Needs Acute Overhaul

We’ve got to provide that certainty with measures such as the Regulatory Responsibility for Our Economy Act, but we also need a plan that develops all of America’s vast energy potential. In my state, piece by piece, we built a comprehensive energy policy called Empower North Dakota that promotes both renewable and traditional energy development — and North Dakota truly has it all: coal, wind, oil and gas, biofuels, biomass and more.

Since 2005, North Dakota has realized more than $12 billion in new energy-related investments and has created thousands of jobs. With the right energy policy in place, imagine what the nation could accomplish.

By creating a long-term, pro-jobs, pro-growth business environment, American businesses will put people back to work and lift our economy out of our financial quandary.

And with healthy economic growth, our government will have the resources it needs to balance the budget and fund vital priorities without raising taxes.

Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.), a former governor, serves on the Agriculture, Appropriations, Energy and Natural Resources, and Indian Affairs committees.

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