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Paul: Senate Leadership Must Focus on Debt Ceiling

I am not going to let this issue fall to the back burner for a rushed vote on Aug. 2. The president has neglected to provide a substantial plan and expects to send a last-minute deal to Congress with the threat of a deadline. This will evoke panic, leaving lawmakers with little time to review, discuss and amend such an important piece of legislation.

Republicans have serious proposals. Many of us are supporting a Cut, Cap, and Balance Pledge in which we will agree to raise the debt limit if, and only if, short-term cuts, long-term spending caps and a balanced budget amendment are all passed first.

Time is short. But that is the fault of Senate Democrats who have done absolutely nothing on this matter all year. We can still avert this debt crisis, but only if the other side gets serious.

Rand Paul is a freshman Republican Senator from Kentucky.

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