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Leaders Disregard ‘Gang of Six’

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
Sen. Mark Warner is leading a group of Senators in an effort to influence the deficit reduction committee to exceed the $1.5 trillion in savings that the debt deal asks it to find before Nov. 23.

The super committee’s mandate “doesn’t fix anything,” Coburn said. “What it does is just kicks the can down the road. My hope is that they do something and that is really significant for our country. But we’ll have to wait and see. And I am not sure we can have that much of an influence on them because it’s controlled by the leadership.”

Crapo said that ultimately the gang of six and the Warner-Chambliss group want to keep the process going and, to that extent, they have been a significant part of the debate.

“This committee ... is a formal authorized committee of Congress,” Crapo said. “We were a part of the process that moved us in this direction, and we are now a part of the process of moving us” toward a bigger deficit deal.

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