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Presidential Candidates’ Kids Take to Twitter

Courtesy @Jon2012girls
The daughters of GOP presidential candidate Jon Hunstman recently created their own Twitter account. An early tweet was a photo of one of the girls “planking” in a hotel room.

“I think our involvement is pretty simple. It’s just getting out there, getting people excited and getting them to know a little bit about my dad,” she said.

The Huntsman daughters plan to use the account to reach out to other young voters and keep them connected with the campaign, she said. But she also explained that the girls plan to tweet for themselves.

But Heye said because of the unpredictability of the medium, it was likely Twitter wouldn’t showcase the unadulterated thoughts of the Huntsman daughters.

“I’m sure that there is some, if not oversight, there is some mechanism to ensure that they stay on message,” he said.

Even if there is someone keeping them on message, there’s no one keeping them from tweeting pictures of the sisters planking in Orlando or scootering down the hallways of campaign headquarters in Florida. But in a race that historically conflates the personal with the political, good planking form might be their best asset yet.

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