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Growing Concern at RSC

Bill Clark/Roll Call
Despite a clash with GOP colleagues recently, Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Jordan retains the support of influential conservative activists.

Vought also took aim at RSC members who are unhappy that they were targeted. "A lot of let's be generous here casually conservative Members of Congress like to join the RSC in order to be perceived back home as a 100% winger," Vought wrote.

"But in reality, these Members are in the 'Just Happy to Be Here' Caucus," he added.

Vought concluded his blog with, "Message to RSC Members who don't like how the RSC is being managed: Get out."

And that might end up being what happens, aides and others familiar with the organization said.

A number of RSC members targeted by Teller are reportedly considering dropping their membership next year if for no other reason than to avoid having their dues used to orchestrate attacks on them.

Although Jordan won't force members out, according to aides, shrinking the size of the organization would have benefits.

Other influential House caucuses limit their membership in a bid to maintain their credibility and focus. The Blue Dog Coalition of moderate Democrats doesn't allow its membership to exceed 25 percent of the Democratic Caucus.

A conservative activist who works with Teller argued that such a reduction in numbers might be appropriate. "Do we want to be 175 strong? 80 strong? 50? If you're 50 members strong, you still have enough to take down a rule" and wreak havoc on the floor, the activist argued.

Part of that reduction might come naturally if Jordan continues to make life difficult for wayward RSC members.

"Just continue going forward and pushing forward, and the members will fall off on their own. If I was Jim Jordan, I wouldn't start purging members," the activist said.

The activist also said that while the battle with GOP leaders has been difficult, "I do think the whole thing is shaking out the right way. I think the RSC is looking at its whole identity."

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