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Boehner Threads a Needle

Bill Clark/Roll Call

Even during the height of last week’s feud with conservatives, Jordan and other opponents of Boehner’s bill were also very careful to lace praise for Boehner’s efforts throughout their criticisms, a strong signal that while they might not like what he is doing, there isn’t an appetite for a full-scale civil war.

GOP aides also pointed out if, as expected, the debt deal is passed with a majority of Republicans backed by a strong showing of moderate Democrats, it will be an identical outcome to this spring’s continuing resolution fight.

And while that battle left some lingering resentments, the two outcomes would point to a path forward in upcoming debates where Boehner will be similarly tested.

As for the implications of the debt fight for Boehner’s future, Steel said, “Has it been messy at times? Yes, but Republicans will achieve substantial cuts and reforms at the end of this process.”

“The important thing is that Members know that Boehner will fight as hard as he can to do as much as possible to advance our shared goal of a smaller, more accountable federal government,” Steel added.

Steven T. Dennis and Jessica Brady contributed to this report.

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