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Hill Climbers: Himes Aide Found Calling Early

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
Alexander Laska discovered his interest in politics in high school, while watching election returns as a homework assignment.

Though he has worked in the office of only one Member, Laska doesn’t see himself going anywhere else anytime soon. 

“Every day, I’m doing something different and learning something new. If I ever found myself doing the same thing, I’d know it was time to move on,” he said.

Growing up in a Republican household, Laska recognized at an early age that his political opinions diverged from his family’s. However, he says, differences of opinion have never been an issue “at the dinner table” and his family has always been supportive of his career and goals. 

“I think that people have a tendency on both sides of the aisle to surround themselves with like-minded peers and assume things about those who disagree with them that may not be fully true,” Laska said. “As someone who has lived with Republicans and Democrats alike and who is friends with Republicans and Democrats alike, I know we can get along, I know we can talk about the issues in a civilized and productive manner, and I know that when we work past those differences and focus on what we do agree on, we can do what our constituents sent us here to do.”

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