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Capitol Hill’s Snack Shacks

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

“One of the most lofty goals I set in my business plan was to become a vendor at or around Nats Park,” Haney said of his endgame. “So we will see how that goes.”

3. Mangialardo and Sons
1317 Pennsylvania Ave. SE

Nobody wants the Feds on their back. But folks have been gladly stuffing their guts with G-Men for decades. 

The Mangialardo and Sons deli has been cranking out the souped-up hoagie since at least the 1970s. It’s so revered, in fact, that Washington City Paper readers last fall overwhelmingly endorsed having the homegrown sub represent the District in the inaugural “The United States of GOOD Sandwiches” roundup. 

Each wide-mouth sandwich begins with an 8-inch sub roll procured from a pair of trusted providers, either D.C.’s own Catania Bakery (hard) or H&S Bakery (soft) out of Baltimore. 

Staff then layers on the goodies, stacking the deck with ham, salami, mortadella, provolone, fontina, pepperoni and oregano. Lettuce, tomato, mayo, oil, vinegar, onions and sweet or hot peppers are then applied at each eater’s discretion. The resulting hero is awesome, vanquishing hunger in a single bite (okay, a few bites) and tantalizing the taste buds with marvelously complementary flavors (buttery mortadella, zesty pepperoni, creamy fontina). 

Staff declined to share exactly how many G-Man sandwiches they feverishly slap together each day, hinting only that, “It’s never enough.”

4. 32 Below Frozen Yogurt
703 Eighth St. SE

If chilling out is a top priority, get thee to 32 Below.

The self-serve froyo stand officially debuted last July and has been growing in popularity ever since. 

“We are in the middle of creating froyo personalities based on eating styles from some of our most loyal customers,” one of the owners told us. 

Becoming a regular is easy enough. 

Wander in. Survey the bank of eight rotating flavors, which currently include strawberry, root beer float, cake batter, cookies and cream (a top seller), vanilla, chocolate delight, pomegranate-
raspberry tart and plain tart. Pile on toppings (think: shaved almonds, gummy bears, assorted berries, crushed Oreos, chopped Kit Kats, Fruity Pebbles and mochi) to your heart’s content. Add a few squirts of decadent Ghirardelli sauces (chocolate, caramel, white chocolate). Then pony up $0.49 an ounce per frosty, indulgent creation. 

Management said they rotate three flavors of their live and active culture-packed refreshments each month, two of which are decided on in-house and one selected by popular vote. 

Dulche de leche is already in the pipeline for June. We hope root beer float (a spicy-sweet knockout) and pomegranate-raspberry (fruitacular) both linger a little longer.  

5. Crown Fried Chicken
716 H St. NE

This one’s a no-brainer — particularly when neighboring H Street bars empty out but alcohol-steeped bellies still need filling. 

Crown Fried Chicken will never win any prizes for ambiance, but it does have hot fried chicken available virtually round the clock.

The grab-and-go juggernaut prepares every permutation of fried chicken imaginable (individual pieces, nuggets, fingers, strips, popcorn) and markets them to all manner of munchies-seekers (mild, hot, white, dark, with fries/rice/waffles/ribs/fried whiting). 

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