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Mitch McConnell Prepared for 2014 Campaign

Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call

Edelen was mum on a Senate run. ďAdam canít stand politicians who get into office and immediately start thinking about the next one. And he wonít be one of them,Ē said his spokeswoman, Stephenie Steitzer.

Grimes had no comment. Parrett said he was focused on his job but didnít rule anything out, and Luallen almost completely closed the door on a run, saying she was better suited for a gubernatorial bid.

ďThere is a history of McConnell campaigns becoming very negative and very critical,Ē Luallen said coolly. ďAnd thatís a factor people have to think about.Ē

McConnell allies agreed. ďIf youíre sitting there thinking about running against Mitch McConnell: Remember ĎFargo,íĒ former McConnell chief of staff Billy Piper said, referring to the Oscar-winning movie. ďAnd remember the end, when that guy is putting that chopped-up personís leg in the big woodchipper machine? Mitch McConnell is the woodchipper.Ē

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