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Bond: End the Energy Two-Step, Rein In Regulators

Just last month, the EPAs overreach and power grab was recognized by the court system. Two major court rulings slammed the EPAs water agency for regulatory overreach. I could not have said it better than one federal district court judge who said the EPA resorted to magical thinking to grant itself broad new authority.

It is essential that elected representatives listen to the American people who no longer want unelected bureaucrats such as those at the EPA imposing onerous new regulations that block or reduce the production of domestic energy sources.

Instead, policymakers and bureaucrats need to make it easier to tap into traditional energy sources in an environmentally responsible way coal mining, hydraulic fracturing of natural gas, offshore drilling and state-of-the-art nuclear plants and to invest in clean energy sources for the future.

Kit Bond is a former Republican Senator from Missouri and founder of Kit Bond Strategies.

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