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Heath: Millennials — Much Is at Stake With Health Care

Sadly, as the law is implemented, millennials will find that even its attractive aspects are not what they seem. By regimenting the practice of medicine, the law will discourage talented people from signing up for the long haul of medical training, exacerbating our oncoming doctor shortage. Fewer of the world’s greatest minds will come to America to debut medical innovations, and fewer companies will invest in the next round of lifesaving, life-enhancing treatments because the law strangles profits and discourages competition.

Millennials will also bear the costs. The more than 20 new taxes in the law, aimed at today’s wealthiest citizens, will actually punish tomorrow’s middle class. Moreover, it will be our lifelong struggle to repay an inherited national debt north of $15 trillion, which will be worsened by the law’s short-run, trillion-dollar price tag and long-run bankruptcy.

Yet these consequences pale in comparison to the damage this law will do to our Constitution. We cannot measure in dollars our rich inheritance of the American design for government. A limited federal government, reserved rights for the states and protected personal liberties are our greatest treasure, and these principles hang in the balance of the Supreme Court decision.

Hadley Heath is a 24-year-old policy analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum.

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