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Five Races in Which the Health Care Debate Will Matter

Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call
Demonstrators hold a rally at the Health and Human Services building Friday to protest the HHS mandates under the new health care law. The Supreme Court will hear a case on the law’s constitutionality today.

Buerkle, of course, vehemently rejected that interpretation of Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity.” She insisted the Ryan plan was something that “doesn’t affect seniors.”

“It doesn’t affect anyone who is 55 years and above. That’s very different than the health care law,” she said.

Democrats dispute that contention. And because the budget won’t be passed by the Democratic Senate, we’ll never really know.

“The challenge in modern politics is people can say whatever they want and there really isn’t much of a referee,” Maffei told Roll Call in an interview last year.

He’s right. As so often happens in politics, the truth on health care is lost somewhere amid the hyperbolic poll-tested messaging. But seniors across the 24th district, if they believe the ads they’ll see on TV, will have to choose between a Congressman who gutted their Medicare or a Congresswoman who voted to end it.

That’s a hell of a choice.

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